Trickster - The Matrix Fan film - Now online.


Trickster is now online on Vimeo, to watch it click in the following link:

Some Description:

Trickster is a small Live-action short film based on the Matrix movie, it's a fan-made film to see how far we can go with our skills in Film making and Visual effects.

The project was born in 2013 when Antonio, a friend of mine, suggested to make a video with a Sentinel 3D model that i made some time ago for fun. I was hooked since the beginning with the idea, i wrote a small synopsis and then a 3 page script, the project started to grow more than i expected. At the beginning we only thought of making a small visual effects integration video and then we ended up with a 3 minute live action short film.

This project was made in Colombia, and it was shot near Bogotá using a GH3 Camera and some Rokinon Lenses. 


Music Done!

The previous Monday the music for Trickster was orchestrated by the talented team of musicians of the Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional de Colombia and Directed by Alejandro Ramirez Rojas. We're really impressed by their job, and very glad that they were able to work on this project.

This is Alejandro's website:

And here are some pics of that day:

In the final stage - Rendering

With the big help of William Rodriguez from we have been able to render all the shots in 4 days, there where 9 High Performance Xeon Machines conected with backburner. In average each frame rendering time was about 30 minutes, there were some taking up 3 hours.

This is a render of one of the shots, it was done using vray, rendered with several Elements and stored in exr sequences to composite later in Nuke.

Aircraft - Textures & Shaders

More progress with the aircraft, i have used the same technique that was used with the sentinel and the Rifle.
Using several metal, dirt and rust textures, mixing them with cavity and occlusion maps. Again vray was used for the render.

Aircraft - More details

Hi, Esteban is almost done with the model of the aircraft, a lot of work has been done adding details and general polishing.

Here there are some stills of the ship. some other details will be added later, it has no textures yet.

Aircraft - work in progress


Esteban Ariza who specializes in High Res 3D modeling is helping us with the model of the aircraft that we're going to use in the Trickster film, this job is still in progress, several details and texturing still remain to be done.

Here you can take a look to these stills showing the progress so far.