About Trickster project

Hi people.

Some friends and i are planning to make a little project called "Trickster", it's a little Live-action short film (about 1 minute duration) based on  the Matrix movie, it's just a fan-made film to see how far we can go with our skills in Film making and Visual effects.

Antonio Mendoza (tonio3d.blogspot.com) a friend of mine who saw one Matrix Sentinel model i did years ago suggested to make something interesting with it, like some vfx integration or something, and i also wanted to do "something" interesting using a lot of VFX stuff, so that's how the project started, let's hope to see something exciting out of this.

In this blog we're going to post work in progress of the project, and some experience that we can get with it. Here there is a preview image from the sentinel model, and the plasma rifle that we are going to use in the film, i did the model-textures and Antonio is doing the shading and lighting.

Regards, Felix Joleanes. www.joleanes.com   -   joleanes@gmail.com