Polishing the rifle textures

Ok, after some awesome feedback that we got, we had to make some adjustments. So i polished the rifle textures, the previous textures were too "flat" and "boring", they needed more "Veneno" (cool name for the last lamborghini by the way).

Some dirt here and there was added, some material wearing down, and some additional work on the shaders. This extra texture work was not made manually, i mean, i didn't spent the night drawing by hand all the dirt, all the material wear and scratches. I hate wacoms, yeah... i know, i know, i must be crazy right?. Instead, i used a sort of procedural way, with the help of the occlusion and cavity maps, i mixed some dirt and scratches textures and voilĂ !, the job was done... yeah i wish it was as easy as it sounds...

Here there is a render still:

And Here there is a turn around video: