Shading the rifle

The matrix lighting-ray-plasma rifle used by Cypher to kill Tank and his brother in the movie is one of the props that we are going to use in the film. We intend to use a cheap-easy-to-build-physical version of the weapon for the actress to carry, using some pvc pipes with some tracking points, and we are going to replace it with the digital version in post. In the movie they used a real one, well not real... i mean it can't shoot but well... you know what i mean!. But i find it quite difficult for us to build an identical replica in real life so we're going to use this method instead.

By the way it was difficult to find reference pictures of it, so i had to take snapshots of some frames of the movie and try to "guess" some pieces of this device, so if you find any bolt where it doesn't belong... sorry about that :P.

Antonio has already made some cool shaders for it, and i got some textures, check it out.