First Match move test

I'm getting more excited with this test, it seems like the boring and repetitive task of matching trackers in PFTrack is somehow becoming fun. Yeah, it's that same geek fetish that some people have when enjoying making UV coordinates and Skin vertex weights, crazy right?.

Jokes aside, here's a test render, i haven't made the rotoscope yet by the way:

While making this test we realized some things that need to be fixed:

- Dummy too big, i will chop off the barrel, the top and back handles, that will also help to avoid rotoscoping those parts.
- The match move was not perfect in the bottom handle, a track marker there has to be used all the time.
- Some weight has to be added to the dummy as some people suggested, the movement seems a little fake because of that.
- I'm considering to paint the handles green to be able to chroma key them.
- Other minor render and composite adjustments.

In this test there were like 4 markers that were tracked at a time, how was i able to achieve a decent track with so few markers?. The best way to do it is to survey them, measuring their position in x,y,z in respect to the dummy weapon, with that extra data PFTrack is able to match move the dummy more accurately with a few markers. But measuring their physical 3d position looks like a very complicated task, instead i took several pictures of the dummy from several angles, PFTrack can take those pictures and figure out the 3d position of the markers. Pretty neat, isn't it?.