Preparing toys

Well, the toys are almost ready for filming day. I got some cheap equipment (well cheap in comparision of what a real film production would use). a Panasonic GH3 camera, some Rokinon Prime lenses, a shoulder rig for stabilization, follow focus, a fancy matte box, some filters, and a fancy slider for some fancy mini-dollies. I was thinking of buying these for a shortfilm that i'm going to make besides this mini-matrix based fan-art video. I am broke now but at least i can brag about it XD.

I prefer buying this equipment insted of renting better ones or borrow them because you don't have any production freedom, you are limited for a day or two whenever they want to borrow or rent them, besides one day of renting an Alexa or Red epic with lenses cost more than what i bought here.

Anyway these cheap cameras have a great film look for video, you can take a look at vimeo to see a bunch of fantastic videos made with these cameras.